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Why Fansly Is Better Than OnlyFans?

Why is Fansly Better Than OnlyFans?

Were you today years old when you first came across the Fansly app? Wondering what this Fansly thing is and how it is different from OnlyFans? Is it a replica of OnlyFans, or is there anything different about it? Is it even safe and legit to use? Is it going to do what Whatsapp did to Skype and Zoom to Google Meet?

We know you have landed on this page with such questions bubbling up in your mind. In this comprehensive blog, we will answer all your burning questions, from basics like what Fansly is to how better it is than other platforms of its kind to ways to make money off it to things that keep in mind while venturing into it. So, let’s start with the basics.

What is the Fansly App?

We would start by saying Fansly is kind of a blend of two subscription-based apps: OnlyFans and Patreon. Fansly is a subscriber-based platform where, as a creator, you can monetize your content in a variety of ways, and as a fan, you can watch or have access to exclusive and premium content in exchange for a fixed fee or even for free but limited.

How Fansly Web App Works

How Fansly Web App Works

Fansly is very smart with a tier-based pricing approach that helps creators cater to more fans and potential subscribers; it gives freedom to creators to set different tiers with benefits, offer pay-per-view, and put out exclusive content or products for purchase. It is more creator- and user-oriented than its competitors, like OnlyFans, as it offers flexible custom content offerings and pays with not only conventional payment methods but also some cryptocurrencies. We will discuss this in more detail in this blog.

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The Emergence Of Fansly App Amidst OnlyFans Dominance

Fansly App Amidst OnlyFans Dominance

Fansly app download began in 2017, a year after OnlyFans was, and it was not very popular or known until OnlyFans announced banning explicit content outrightly over apprehensions from banks and payment processors, and creators started to rummage the internet for alternatives. Later, OnlyFans reversed their decision, but it seems that lately, people are now liking Fansly more for its creator and user-oriented features.

Fansly App Download: Web and Mobile App

Fansly App Download: Web and Mobile App

So, if you are wondering if you should check it out or give it a shot, well, don’t think much. Fansly has both a web app and an Android and iOS app. So, if you don’t want to bother installing the mobile app, you can give it a shot on the web. And if you like it, you can download it from the top app stores, like the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Is Fansly App Safe and Legit Site?

Yes, absolutely. It follows all the industry standards for encryption practices to keep your data secure to the extent that even if some hacker breaks into its database, they will find nothing meaningful; it is all encrypted. 

How You Can Make Money on Fansly 

How You Can Make Money on Fansly 

You can offer tiers with different prices and benefits in accordance with the tier price, custom content upon request, pay-per-view content, and products for one-time purchases, such as merchandise. And you can get tips from your fans. Apart from all of these revenue streams, you can charge your fans for even having a chat with you.

Is Fansly Only for Adult Content Creators?

So, considering the fact that Fansly came into the limelight after OnlyFans announced banning the 18+ content, you will see adult content creators and fans quench their desires there, so making some other kind of content would be pointless. People would rather subscribe to their favorite creators on Patreon for their exclusive content or support them on YouTube. But yes, you can post a wide range of content, not necessarily only explicit content.

Flexibility in Offering Tiers

You can offer multiple tiers, even a price tier offering limited content, so fans know prior to subscribing what exactly they are going to get. They can choose between a paid tier with access to exclusive content or a VIP tier offering exclusive content along with some benefits. It is really the opposite of other platforms that offer a single subscription tier that doesn’t leave fans with many options.

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Quick and Early Payouts

So unlike other platforms of its kind, the Fansly app doesn’t delay your payment. Rather, you get money within 24 hours. This is a really nice thing for creators because it helps them have financial freedom and don’t have to worry about their bread and butter.

Cryptocurrency Payments

This is a pretty standout feature that Fansly offers to people coming to consume content. Fansly offers flexibility to followers and fans to pay their favorite creators in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc.

This is a win-win situation for all three parties: fans, creators, and the platform. Users get flexibility in payments, creators get more potential subscribers, and so does the platform.

Community Feature

The Fansly app lets creators and fans interact with each other via live streaming and personal chats, which can help creators create a strong bond with their fans and let fans know their favorite creators better.


On such sites or apps, one thing you are most concerned about is your privacy. It is quite difficult to download content from Fansly. Also, its two-step verification further makes accessing your account difficult. Also, the Fansly app takes several measures to ensure its users’ data is secure and encrypted. There is a team of security experts monitoring the platform all the time. Fansly also has a system to detect suspicious activities and bar them from further progression.

Creator Support

The Fansly web app is known for being creator-oriented, and there is a reason for that. There is a whole team sitting on the flip side of the platform whom creators can contact anytime, and their queries will be taken care of.

Analytics to Monitor Content

Like YouTube, creators can also monitor and check how their content is performing, how their fans are interacting with it, and how reacting to it helps them improve their content and put out the content their fans like more.

No Nonsense Application Process

There is no application process. You can sign up and start uploading any type of content: clips, audio, pictures, videos, etc. This is good for aspiring creators who don’t have prior experience in monetizing their content to get started, regardless of their experience.

Friendly User Interface

Fansly’s interface is more user-friendly than OnlyFans, with easy navigation and everything at your disposal, which makes it easy for both creators and users to use the platform. Creators can easily manage their content, while users can easily find their favorite creators.

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Is Fansly Safe for Credit and Debit Cards?

Is Fansly Safe for Credit and Debit Cards?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to do transactions on the Fansly web app; just because it is an adult platform doesn’t mean it is unsafe. Also, know one thing: when you do transactions online, even the owners of the site can’t see your card details because they are highly encrypted.

Are There Any Red Flags?

No, there is none as such. It is just that you must be 18 or older and have to provide accurate information. Upon getting caught for providing inaccurate information, your account can be suspended. Also, you can’t post “consensual non-consent” content; it is prohibited as per their policies. There is a dedicated team always monitoring and supervising the content that can take off, and it might result in the suspension of your account. 

What Are Fansly Commission Rates?

Like typical commission-taking platforms, Fansly charges you 20% of your money. And it takes 10% of revenue generated from pay-per-view content. If compared to OnlyFans, which keeps 25% of your revenue, it is slightly less, which can turn out well if you have a large number of subscribers.

OnlyFans or Fansly?

We will answer this question by taking different aspects into account so you can decide for yourself, and we will also give our final verdict.

So, let’s start with subscription tiers.

  1. Subscription Tiers: The Fansly app gives you more liberty in terms of offering your content, letting you create a variety of tiers, each with its own price and array of benefits. You can even have a free tier allowing access to limited content as a preview for users to decide, while OnlyFans lets you create only a single tier.
  2. Inclusive Content: Fansly allows creators to post a variety of content, both NSFW and SFW, which is good for creators who want to make money without having to post explicit content, while the other solely focuses on such things. But we don’t think it matters much, as somebody visiting these sites wouldn’t want to learn algebra or calculus.
  3. Quick Payouts: Fansly pays you within 24 hours after keeping its fair share, while OnlyFans bimonthly releases your payments. Getting quick payouts helps creators have more freedom.
  4. Commision: Fansly takes 20% of your earnings, slightly less than that of OnlyFans, which charges you 25%. And on pay-per-view content, it takes 10% of the revenue.
  5. Community Features: Fansly allows creators to engage with their fans via live streaming, private messaging, and group chat, which help creators maintain their subscriptions, while OnlyFans does not have any such features.
  6. Cryptocurrency Payments: Fansly lets your fans pay with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc., while OnlyFans does not accept cryptocurrency payments yet.

And there is one feature both platforms offer: putting a watermark on the content so it can’t be put up on any other site without their consent.

The Announcement Thing

The founder of OnlyFans, in an interview, said that in the middle of their journey, bankers started treating them unfairly, and they were left with no option but to ban the adult content to save the platform. When that announcement was made, after a few hours, crashed with the deluge of fans and creators signing up.


So yes, features-wise, the Fansly app Android and iOS is clearly ahead of OnlyFans in the race. Fansly had gotten traction after that announcement, but OnlyFans reversed the decision, after which creators and fans started returning to it, and that is the reason OnlyFans still has a very big creator and user base. 

So, as a user, you have access to diverse creators, and as a creator, you have a big user base to cash out. We believe that creators would treat Fansly as a backup just in case OnlyFans starts being stern to creators or raising commission rates. Yes, you read that right. A sudden conservative policy can turn the game upside down, and creators would be left with nothing in hand.

Overall, Fansly has gained a tremendous user base lately, currently having over 130 million users, and with the kind of support it provides and the features it has rolled out, it has proven to be an authentic and legitimate platform. Every hour, 4 thousand new users are signing up, which is quite promising for its future. 

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