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A Complete Guide On How To Make Mobile Games

A Complete Guide On How To Make Mobile Games

The mobile gaming industry, an industry that started with the primary game ‘Snake’developed for Nokia phones, has now progressed in developing multiple types of games with the latest gaming features and technologies. Because of its widespread convenience, game players all over the world prefer playing mobile games rather than games on PC, consoles, PlayStation, etc. It is not a surprising fact that people are now looking towards playing mobile games as a source of income and investment. This article will provide you with a complete guide on how to make mobile games, along with all the exciting information about mobile games.

What Is A Mobile Game App?

What Is A Mobile Game App

A mobile game application is a typical video game specifically designed for mobile devices and smartphones. With the rise of launches in various kinds of mobile gadgets and mobile apps being developed, the professionals of the gaming industry, as well as mobile app creators, realized to merge these fields and develop mobile game apps that not only engage users in an immersive experience but are unique, innovative and functional as well.

The Bloom Of the Mobile Game Application Industry

The Bloom Of the Mobile Game Application Industry

Bloom in the mobile gaming market can be estimated with the help of critical statistical findings of the mobile gaming industry in 2023. Some fantastic and mind-blowing statistics about the industry show that

  • Games make up 25% of iOS and 21% of Android app downloads.
  • 43% of all smartphone users play games.
  • Android users make up 78% of gamers.
  • Over 2.2 billion people play mobile games actively globally.
  • Mobile games are played by about 53% of internet users between the ages of 45 and 54. Men make up just 37% of mobile players.
  • By 2026, the market for mobile game content will be valued at $173.4 billion.
  • America is home to 8.6% of all Android game publishers.

How Can A Mobile Game App Benefit Developer And Users?

The fantastic facts and figures regarding the mobile gaming industry make people think that how can a simple app benefit the industry this much. Or how are app developers and users being benefited through these gaming apps? Well, as we all know that the goal and objective of technology are to keep advancing in every field, launch new trends or features, and provide the best possible changes to consumers. Just like that, the goals of the gaming industry are similar.

  • The mobile gaming industry focuses on attracting more and more app developers to create creative and profitable games.
  • Gaming applications have the quality to generate increased revenue and the power to attract users to download and become a part of the featureful innovative game.
  • The launch of different gaming engines and mobile app development companies has opened doors for app developers to seek help and support for creating engaging games.
  • Mobile gaming apps enable developers to combine unique features and graphics with different types of gaming applications.

As for mobile game users, the shift from PC or console video games to mobile game applications has also proven to be beneficial in many ways.

  • Mobile game apps assure convenience of accessibility to users.
  • With swift networking options and comprehensive platforms for social networking, these apps grab the attention of users in no time.
  • The features of a mobile game are also way much better than other gaming platforms, as the gaming sector aims to incorporate the latest tech features and tools for gaming purposes.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make Mobile Games

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make Mobile Games

As easy as it sounds, mobile game development still needs thorough and detailed working when it comes to the development of a mobile game app. In this section of the blog, you will get an extensive guide that you can follow step-by-step in order to create a properly functional and attractive gaming app.

  1. Make A Clear Plan

The first step to begin creating anything is making a plan that you will follow along the developmental process. It is pretty essential to take some critical decisions in this phase so that you can have a clear state of mind and eliminate the chances of frequent confusion and queries.

  • Identify the goals and objectives you have for your gaming app.
  • Decide the types of gaming apps or genres of games you will be developing.
  • Specify your target audience and conduct some sort of research to find out their needs and requirements in a gaming app.
  • Conduct market competitor research so that you know who your competition is in the market and what are the strengths and weaknesses of their application.
  • Searching and deciding the developmental team you want to have for your mobile game creation.
  • Identifying the features, graphics, gadgets required and a budget for your game app development process.
  • Fixing important deadlines to assure a strict work schedule.
  1. Selecting A Monetization Model

The next step is also a pre-developmental phase that focuses on selecting the model of monetization for the app. Monetization models help you in deciding the way you can assure the Return On Investment (ROI) rate of the gaming app. In simple words, you can consider the monetization model as a source of income for your mobile game application. It is pretty crucial to decide on a working model so that your ROI rate can be generated quickly with assurance. Some of the options for monetization models are

  • In-App Purchases

In-app purchases help developers to incorporate certain features like tools, weapons, powers, or other options that the player will have to buy in order to proceed further in the game. This kind of monetization model helps developers to attract users with a free mobile game but also has a taste of paid version as it requires them to pay some amount between the game.

  • Ads Within The Game

Another kind of monetization model is incorporating ads within the mobile game. In this way, users or players will not have to pay any fee in order to complete the game but will assure a source of a guaranteed ROI rate.

  • Premium Version

The premium version of a mobile game app enables the users to taste the free version of the game but also requires them to pay a fixed amount to access the complete gaming package.

  • Paid Gaming Apps

Paid gaming apps are a direct way of a monetization model for gaming apps. Players will have to submit a fixed fee or cost in order to download the game.

  • Ads In Other Games

Lastly, the option of promoting your game in other gaming apps is also considered a helpful monetization model as it attracts more and more players to visit your game and download it.

  1. Selecting The Platform Of Deployment

The next step in developing a mobile game requires the developers to select a platform for deploying the game once it is ready. The whole developmental process depends on this step, as you will have to follow the guidelines of the platform you are developing the game for throughout the creation phase. It is up to you to deploy your app on an Android platform just for Android users, an iOS platform for Apple users, or opt for a cross-platform approach in order to launch the game on multiple platforms.

  1. Availability Of Necessary Gadgets

The mobile game development process requires the availability of necessary gadgets in order to create and test the gaming application on multiple devices.  Some of the required gadgets and devices to develop a mobile game are

  • Computer devices for the development phase as a gaming engine require a functional computer device to be created on.
  • Mobile phones to test the game once it is completely developed. It is necessary to have not one but multiple mobile phones with different operating systems and models so that you can test the mobile game app on every possible platform.
  1. Selecting A Gaming Path

The next step in the developmental phase of a mobile game is selecting a game path. This step enables you to decide the features as well as the developmental path you will be following throughout the process. Some of the options are

  • A native mobile game developmental path that will allow you to develop a mobile game following the guidelines and features of native applications. These apps utilize coding languages like Java, Kotlin, Swift, and Objective-C for the specific platform they are being built for.
  • A web application or HTML5 developmental path will enable the creation of a game having the features of web applications only. The coding language utilized in these games is HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.
  • The last gaming path is a hybrid game developmental path that incorporates the features of both native and HTML5 mobile game development.
  1. Initial Phase Of Development

Once these specific and essential decisions are taken, you can start the phase of the initial development of the mobile game. In this phase, every team member of the game development team is required to take over tasks belonging to their field of expertise. Development of the front-end and back-end functionalities, working technicalities of the game, and features are part of this stage. It is also crucial to decide on a gaming engine that you will be accessing during the entire process of creation. Some helpful and popular gaming engines are

  • Unity game engine
  • Unreal game engine
  • Game Salad game engine
  1. Begin With The UI/UX Design

While software engineers and coding professionals are busy handling the technical features and working of the mobile game, it is time for the UI/UX designers to start working on the graphics, visuals, animations, illustrations, surroundings, and scripting or dialogues of the mobile game. A game is nothing without attention-grabbing visuals or sharp gaming features. In order to provide an immersive gaming experience, it is crucial to have skilled professionals on the team for this reason. Another essential step for this phase is the development of the overall layout of the mobile game app, known as the User Interface (UI) of the game, which will determine how the overall app will look to the players, including the rules, feedback, guidelines, setting, etc.

  1. Testing And Upgrading Phase

The second last step of the development process is one of the most critical steps as it requires the app developers to launch a beta version of the app for user testing or testing amongst the team only. This step helps developers in detecting the errors, bugs, and flaws occurring in the functionality, appearance, or relevant features of the game. After completing the testing phase, the QA testers on the team are required to modify the app by eliminating the errors, debugging, and tuning the mobile game for the final launch. It is essential to note that you will have to test the mobile game app as many times as it will have an error, and the same goes for the editing.

  1. Launch The Gaming App

Lastly, it is now time for you to launch the mobile game on the fixed launch date for a good reputation amongst people. Make sure to follow and fulfill the guidelines of the platform of deployment so that you won’t have to wait until the game is ready. After launching the game, it is essential to keep a check on the functionality of the game in order to upgrade any necessary features and assure quality customer service and engagement.

How Long Does It Take To Develop A Mobile Game?

One of game developers’ most frequently asked questions is how long it takes to develop a mobile game. There is no definite answer to this question as it purely depends on the nature, type, and plan of action you have decided for developing the video game. If you religiously follow the timeline and deadlines of creating a game, it is possible that you will have the final product within months, or else it might take a year or more to create a mobile game app.

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Some Features Of Developing An Exceptional And Profitable Mobile Game

Moving on to the next section of the article, we will now review some of the exceptional features that can help a mobile game developer to create a profitable mobile game.

  1. Simple And Easy Functioning

The first feature that will attract the majority of players to download and play your mobile game has a simple and easy-functioning mode. Nobody likes complications while playing a video game because what is the purpose of playing if the user is not having fun? To make sure that your game is user-friendly and straightforward, you just have to incorporate uncomplicated button settings that are easy to learn and understand, as well as have clear icons that are known and understandable to the players.

  1. Multiple Options For Feedback

Another feature to add to your mobile games to make them attractive and workable is having not one but multiple options for feedback. The most preferred way of giving feedback in a game is either written feedback on the screen or voice-generated feedback. In this way, players have confirmation that their actions are being registered in the game. Other methods are the traditional methods that include vibration or pressing the button.

  1. Having The Latest Interruption Settings

Nobody likes being interrupted in the middle of a game session, be it physically or virtually. In order to develop a mobile game that eliminates this interruption, it is necessary to have the latest settings that will not end the gaming session if a video or voice call comes.  Instead, the call can be redirected, or the game session can have a pause button to address this problem.

  1. Addition Of Tutorials

Tutorials is an easy and informative way of conveying information to people. To make people learn how your mobile game works, adding small tutorials between the mobile game with clear instructions and graphics will be beneficial.

  1. Enabling Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode is liked and preferred by gamers all over the world as it gives them a chance to connect with each other. To elevate the gaming experience for users, game developers are now focusing on developing online multiplayer games that people can enjoy globally.

  1. Built-in Chat And Voice Chat Feature

Another fantastic feature of the latest tech gaming advancements is the built-in chat and voice chat feature. This allows users to play and communicate with their teammates or opponents at the same time. The feature of chatting makes the game experience ten times better, more engaging, and more immersive.

  1. Assuring Accessibility And Inclusivity

Though this is a difficult and complex task to achieve, it is still not impossible. It is recommended for mobile game creators to develop a mobile game that would include an element of accessibility and inclusivity for differently abled users. If you think that the mobile game you are making has room for these factors, pay attention to them, get some guidance, and consider everyone as a player.

  1. A Functional Sound System

A glitchy and lagging sound system ruins the game experience for users. It also makes it difficult for them to complete tasks and understand instructions. So, it is pretty essential for a game to have a functional sound system that will cater to all the features incorporated in the game.

  1. Providing Rewards On Goal Completion

Last but not least, to increase the interest of players in your game, it is crucial to add or provide some rewards that they can achieve after completing goals. This way, players will stay motivated, and the essence of competition will be maintained.


Mobile game App development is on the rise in the industry, and there is no doubt that in some time, it will attract more and more mobile app developers and game developers to become active members of the sector. As a beginner, your biggest shot is to reach out to a reliable mobile app development company nj that will help you develop a mobile game in no time, and that too with professional guidance and support.

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