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Best Google Voice Alternatives

10 Best Google Voice Alternatives for 2024

Google Voice offers voicemail, call forwarding, text, voice messaging, and call termination for Google Account users, but it happens to be lacking emergency call support and has complex multimedia messaging.

For years and decades, Google Voice has remained at the top of the charts as the top voice over the Internet protocol service. It has provided telephone solutions to businesses and offers advanced and enhanced features that can be synced and integrated with other Google apps, which is its biggest USP because it lets you have synchronization and integration throughout the Google application ecosystem, benefiting Google account users.

Though it is quite handy, it lacks the handy features nowadays businesses need for cloud-based phone systems. Also, Google Voice is a product by Google, but it does not guarantee its product will have everything a modern business needs.

At first, you seem to have all the boxes ticked off, like it lets you make free calls, integrates with Gmail, has a number for calling and texting, etc. But later, you realize the capabilities and features are limited, even as a business’s phone number system. We have curated a list of Google Voice alternatives, and you will learn about their pros, cons, and features. This list contains both free open-source and freemium options, aiming to help you find a better Google Voice alternative.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the list and explore what others are offering and whether they are better.

Best Google Voice Alternatives for 2024


RingCentral is considered to be the best Google Voice alternative for various reasons, such as its capabilities to combine communication and collaboration features and how it lets you use them across different devices. This is, deep down, a united communication as a service (UCaaS). This UCaaS offers unlimited calling in the USA and Canada, voice mail transcription, call monitoring, call log reports, internet faxing, etc.

RingCentral comes with many features, including add-on features that allow you to build the same phone system your business needs. It also offers additional vanity numbers and high-volume SMS. It also offers features to integrate with many apps for customer relationship management, analytics, and other business operations.


14-day free trial, quite simple to establish and use, top-notch quality calls, limitless storage, international virtual phone numbers are available to call in many countries, registration support is also helpful for new users, and even hardware is available to businesses for rent or purchase.

This alternative is used everywhere if you randomly search an address, so just to take an example, if you search 212 area code, you will see this app would surely be used there.


Saves your video recordings for a year only, has zero support for the BAE level plan, internet faxing is also available for lower tiers, and CRM integration is not available on the lowest plan.


Dialpad is another alternative to Google Voice that is available and a very good one, especially in the context of advanced AI technology. It has built-in speech recognition that can allow VoIP providers to transcribe voice mails and real-time calls, and it offers your business accurate analytics and reporting and helps to follow up on conversations. So this cloud-based VoIP facility provides unlimited calling, MMS and SMS, custom voice mail greetings, etc.

Also, it offers considerably more integrations than Google Voice, and it lets you continue using enterprise-level software such as Zoho CRM, Zapier, Slack, Microsoft Office, and Google Workspace.


It offers a free 14-day trial, multi-device compatibility, international SMS for users in the U.S. and Canada, up to 1,000 video-conferencing participants, and AI features available on all plans. Also, all the plans include analytics and reports.


Its toll-free numbers cost extra, no 24/7 support, extensions, and integrations are locked behind higher plans, and missing features such as international SMS and hold queues are also not available for lower plan tiers.

Whether you want to create the best food tracking app or something like Dialpad, you can contact a service provider offering custom app development services.


Nextiva has taken communication for businesses of all sizes to another level with its cutting-edge VoIP services. It lets you seamlessly set up a cloud-based contact center for detailed inbound and outbound calling operations. It offers a wide range of both domestic and international numbers. Also, its centralized management system is so robust and fosters seamless customer feedback collection, and it effortlessly manages and tracks every customer engagement.


It offers unlimited calls and internet faxing on all plans, advanced collaboration features on higher-tiered plans, plus local and toll-free numbers included, a minimum of 1,500 toll-free minutes per month, alongside discounts available for bulk subscriptions, strong customer support, VoIP hardware available for sale or lease, etc.


There is no mobile SMS or call recording feature on lower plans; it doesn’t support international numbers and offers fewer integrations allowed on lower plans. Also, recordings are only available for 30 days.

If you want to create an app like BevSpot for managing your beverage business or some alternative to Google Voice for managing one of the biggest aspects of your business, partner up with a software development company after going to great lengths.

Zoho Voice

In the corporate sector, there can’t be anyone unaware of Zoho as enterprise-level software. It also offers an alternative to Google Voice. It has upended how businesses approach their users, communicate, and provide diverse cloud-based telephone-related solutions that can be accessed across different devices and various locations.

This platform includes acquiring different phone numbers, such as toll-free, local, and international, or transferring existing ones. It is curated for smooth integration and supports all kinds of platforms, such as desktop, mobile, web browser extensions, etc.

It offers advanced features like management of advanced calls, interactive voice response (IVR), awareness of time zones, call logging, contact centralization, advanced communication tools, and, last but not least, seamless integration. Its advanced call management encompasses discretionary and meticulous monitoring capabilities, and its IVR helps callers find the right agent.


It has a window for post-call work, a bidirectional SMS feature, and ZDialer functionality.


It has limited features, and there seems to be a geographical limitation on a lot of calls.

If you want to create a recruitment app to streamline the recruitment process for businesses or an enterprise-level Zoho Voice to make calling and recording data easier, vet well, and then choose a company for the development.


Vonage sets itself apart from others by being a multifaceted cloud communication application that delivers a wide range of 50+ advanced telephony features alongside smooth video collaboration tools that are accessible across organizations. It is compatible across all the major platforms, such as both Android and iOS. Also, it fosters your communication approaches by making sure the priority traffic is heading in the right direction and has unparalleled efficiency and clarity.

It has amazing features like call management, which improves call handling with the help of caller ID blocking, call skipping for seamless device transfers, call recording for later needs, messaging capabilities that support receiving and sending SMS and MMS through smartphones and desktops, automated assistance that routes the right department or a virtual assistant, conferencing solutions that offer powerful video and voice conferencing abilities, per-call announcement, and seamless integration.


It provides limitless team messaging for better internal communication, extensive business call analytics features for on-need call recording, and the ability to store extensive hours of audio-based media.


A little lacking in fast customer support.

If you want to get an app like Emerald Video Chat or something like Vonage, make sure that in your bid to make money, you don’t end up losing money on things that don’t matter.


Ooma is considered a leader in cloud-based platforms crafted for companies and businesses, and it does not require any installation of software for operation. It is quite flexible and versatile with its solution, and it gives a head-on competition to Google Voice. It has several features that are deemed better, which include voicemail facilities, automatic call dispersion, and all-encompassing helping channels like email, live chat, and phone.

It has a feature for seamless integration of cloud voice services with business applications and offers users the adaptability to pick toll-free or local numbers and call forwarding.

Wondering what it has to offer as a pioneer in this space? Well, automated call management provides features like call pipeline management and digital receptionists, which streamline handling incoming calls with autopilot list options for callers; video meetings for remote workers, which support video conferences that can accommodate up to 20+ attendees; electronic faxing, which allows for the faxes to be sent online; improved voicemail services, which provide dedicated and separate voicemail services; and seamless software integration that is compatible across.

Such robust apps are built with a top continuous integration tool, and if you go otherwise, you can end up with mediocre apps.

Intermedia Unite

Intermedia Unite is perfect for people seeking far more than basic VoIP service. You get to access different communication tools, which include unlimited calls, SMS, web faxing, team messaging, audio and video conferencing, etc. It is quite easy to use, and the system can easily be a hub for all your business communication, thanks to amazing features like video conferencing, etc.


It has alluring pros such as a free version option, a free device available for each use, unlimited calls, wallboards and detailed contact center analytics, smooth integration with plenty of apps and software, toll-free numbers, and additional phone numbers available as extras.


One of the biggest cons is that toll-free numbers cost extra, plus a few popular integrations are only available with an upgrade.

If you are making an alternative to Intermedia Unite, hire Angularjs mobile app development for the best services.


Grasshopper provides flat-rate monthly subscriptions and packs features such as calling and texting, simultaneous call handling, instant response to missed calls, etc.


It has a user-friendly interface, offers multiple extensions, unlimited users (most plans), virtual numbers across the U.S., can import contacts, and offers simultaneous call handling.


There are no call recording or video conferencing tools; it doesn’t enable direct third-party app integrations, and it cannot send internet faxes.

Make sure to implement insertion sort time complexity to reduce latency in your app and software; otherwise, you will lose customers, especially if you are making a Google Voice alternative.


Though it is one of the cheapest VoIP alternatives to Google Voice, it offers quite valuable and advanced system features. Its basic plan offers unlimited domestic calling, chats, video conferencing, content sharing, audio, and video conferencing that accommodate over 500 people at a time, etc.


It has a lot to offer, like a 30-day free trial, seamless integration with popular apps, chat rooms, and messaging for easy collaboration; shortcuts available for initiating calls; the ability to stream meetings on YouTube; and also, it doesn’t require hardware; and unlimited international calls to over ten countries.


So, the records are stored for a limited time, and it is more expensive than Google Voice. Also, one irritating thing is that its security measures sometimes require users to keep logging back in.

If you want to create apps like Omegle or something like 8×8, you need to hire an experienced company with a great portfolio and a previous track record.


For startups and businesses stretched thin on money, OpenPhone is a game changer and is considered a highly-rated Google Voice alternative with thousands of happy users. Not only does it offer advanced features that Google Voice offers, but at way lower rates than the latter one. It is really easy to phone out your sales, operations, and customer support team needs and can easily be used to handle inbound calls and SMS simultaneously.

Whether you want to create the best alternative to Google Voice or the best Android MMORPG, make sure you are looking up a lot of options to outsource your project.


There are a lot of options available today thanks to technological advancement and globalization; if you do not like one, you can go for another, and because the competition has gotten tough, there are many players to choose from. We hope by now you will have chosen your Google Voice alternative and are ready to propel your business to new heights with the power of Google Voice alternatives.

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