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Costs of App Development

The Hidden Costs of App Development Talent: A Hiring Budget Breakdown


In this highly tech-driven era, mobile apps have highly influenced people and their lifestyles, and almost every person spends most of their time on mobile apps while using gadgets. Mobile applications for retail and also for businesses have been tremendously helpful and have brought about a revolution in the world of technology. When it comes to application development, the main concern is the cost of development and hiring talent With the increasing demand for mobile apps, the demand for mobile app developers has also increased. In this blog, we will discuss the hidden cost of hiring a professional app developer. You can easily find any developer on online marketplaces, but finding an expert game developer gets intricate.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An App Developer?

Finding the right talent for you according to your budget is of utmost importance, as hiring the right mobile app development company or finding an individual developer can help you craft the app that aligns with your goals and outcomes. Finding the developer on the right platform also matters, as the developer should be an expert with a strong background and similar experience in the respective field. This is a comprehensive guide where we will discuss the hidden cost of hiring talent to develop a competitive app with faster loading times. 

Hire App Developer Cost Breakdown

To hire an app developer, you must evaluate your budget and the type of application you are looking for, then research the budget of the app from different marketplaces, its features, and its niche. The cost of hiring an app developer is based on their expertise level, skill set, additional software experience, and location. The cost of hiring an app developer ranges from mid to senior level. Let’s discover what we should expect from the developer at the senior level and what to expect from mid-level developers to make it easy for you to understand the cost variation.

1: Entry-Level Developers

If you’re hiring an entry-level developer to develop your app, you must hire an expert who is at least proficient in having a basic sense of Android and iOS apps and their platforms. They should be good at creating innovative user interfaces and exceptional user experiences. They should be familiar with tools like GitHub and have a basic understanding of the deployment of the apps in the App Store or Google Play Store.

2: Junior-Level Developers

When hiring a junior-level developer with a strong understanding of libraries and frameworks such as Retrofit, Alamofire, etc., it is essential to assess their proficiency in languages like Java and Python. Additionally, candidates should demonstrate a high level of expertise in Swift, possess experience with testing tools, and showcase the ability to optimize app performance.

3: Senior-Level Developers

The senior-level developers should have expertise like in-depth knowledge about Xcode; they should know how to debug an application and have noticeable expertise in crafting stunning visuals with innovation using patterns like VIPER, etc. Last but not least, they must know encryption protocols and data encryption techniques.

Hire App Developer: Factors Affecting The Cost 

Without further ado, let’s discuss the five factors that set up the cost of hiring a game developer. There are various factors, ranging from the geo-location to the features you would like to add to your app, by which your budget gets decided:

1. Location Of The Developer 

Ranging from different regions, the hourly rates of an app developer are higher if you choose countries like the USA, which has hourly rates of $100-$149, or the UK, which has approximate hourly rates of $150-$199, and lower if you hire a game developer from India at $25-$50, or Spain, which is also similar in rates to India. Hiring a developer creates a huge impact on the cost of the development process.

2: Experience of The Developer 

Another important factor in the cost evaluation is hiring a developer based on their experience. As you move from expert to trainee-level developer, you can clearly see the difference in the quality of an app, and the greater the quality, the higher your budget gets, but not if you choose to maintain the balance between expertise and cost-efficiency. If you go for an A-level developer, the average hours will be $25–$40 for the mid-level, with an average hourly fee of $39–$79, and for the senior level, the budget is approximately $79–$149.

3: Complexity Of Applications

The cost of the process of application development depends on the app’s intricacies and the features that you would want for your app. The user interface and the user experience, the technicalities of the platform, and the tools that you would want the developer to determine the cost of app development. A simple and less complicated app with complex web pages and an intuitive user interface has less cost involved as compared to the ones with more features.

4: Choosing a Mobile App Development Platform 

Choosing a platform can affect the cost, as there are different intricacies and different hustles. While choosing a platform, like working on an Android platform, would be a little more affordable compared to the iOS app development for the cross-platform app for this Flutter in app purchase would be a better option, this can impact the cost of the plan. This would be the most expensive, as it requires more technicalities in creating a code that is suitable and functional for both platforms. Each of these requires a different kind of work and expertise to design the app, and the programming language used in the development also has a total cost.

5- Periods Of Development

The longer the development time is, the greater it would cost, and you can hire professionals on a short-term basis, which would be less costly if you would need an app developer for the long-term sustainability of an application, which gets expensive as most mobile app developers charge on an hourly basis. Some mobile app development companies charge projects or can even make a contract, which can either be long-term or short-term.

Platforms And Cost Hire App Developer 

We have discussed the budget breakdown of the app development and the different factors that are significant in developing a budget plan. Now, let’s move toward the platforms and online marketplaces where you can hire an expert app developer without hustle. With the increase in demand for mobile applications, the process of hiring an expert game developer got problematic, with a lot of options made available. We’re mentioning below the sources where you can hire a professional game developer for your app.

1: Freelance Platforms 

There are several online freelancing platforms. Among them, the most popular are Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc., where you can read reviews and easily hire an app developer based on your requirements and objectives. These kinds of platforms are best for short-term projects or projects with a tight budget.

Reasons To Choose Freelance Platforms

  • A talent pool from all over the world is available from these sources.
  • You can read reviews of their previous projects and get an idea of how to make an informed decision.
  • You can have a variety ranging from different locations, which can further help you choose your budget.
  •  Communication is made easier on freelance platforms, where you can directly discuss the details with the client.

2: Job Boards

They are social platforms where potential workers can post their information and educational backgrounds, and HR from different companies can contact them to join their workforces or vice versa. They can benefit as they are a very powerful networking tool.

Reasons To Choose Job Boards

  • These sites are best if you’re looking to hire a full-time developer and need a professional developer for a long-term project.
  • They have the potential because of their strong networking. They can target several potential clients. 
  • These platforms can help you find a specific skill. If you’re looking for a developer with proficiency with the specific best mobile app development tools, this platform is for you.

3: Developer Communities

These are networking communities like GitHub, HackerRank, etc., where there are different types of developers interacting with each other; here, you can find authentic interactions between social developers and people involved in the respective field.

Reasons To Choose Developer Communities

  • Communities like these can help you with the accessibility of having expert developers.
  • You can see their portfolio, past works, experiences, and reviews of past work.
  • They help you in your hunt if it’s skill-specific.

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Here Are Some Helpful Tips For Reducing The Cost Of Your Hiring Process

  1. Clearly Define Job Requirements

Creating job requirements with proper structure, like mentioning the qualification and skillset that you need for the developer you’re looking for, will make a distinct job description; this will increase the chances that you can get the talented person, and this can eventually reduce the time and cost of examining through inappropriate applications.

  1. Leverage Online Platforms

There are amazing online platforms where you can post job requirements for free, see people currently looking for a job, and meet people in the tech industry. They can help save a lot of time, which eventually results in cost savings.

  1. Tap into Social Media Networks

Social media is a great tool to promote your job openings and connect to people. There are several platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and some dedicated technology mediums where you can organically reach a talent pool based on your preferences, which helps reduce the need for advertisement costs.

  1. Consider Remote Hiring

Remote work is a thing that can embrace flexibility; hiring personnel who can work online can increase your talent pool and help reduce the cost of hiring an internal team and the need for physical allocation. This thing has brought a revolution in the job sector and has facilitated many businesses and employees, so people living far away from the desired company can have a chance to get a job remotely.

  1. Implement Skills Testing Early

This lets you quickly recognize candidates with the necessary technical ability, diminishing the time spent on extensive meetings and assessments. Integrate skills testing into the early stages of your hiring process so that you can get expert employees on board.

  1. Streamline the Interview Process

Interviewing gets complicated to sort out, define clear goals, and set several interviews. This would help save time and the resources available for the process of recruitment. Online interviews are also in style these days, as they save a lot of time and are a cost-effective method that is more structured than having a physical interview.

  1. Utilize Freelancers for Specific Projects

Consider the freelancers available on the freelance platforms on a project basis rather than physically exhausting yourself into finding and interviewing employees. This tactic allows you to access specialized skills for short-term projects, which helps save on longstanding employment costs.

  1. Use Employee Referral Programs

Employee referral programs are a campaign in which clients use their network to help build an organization and look for people in the same industry to fill the required position, which can result in generating high-quality hiring and lead to successful engagements.


The whole blog summarizes the cost evaluation of hiring talent for app development and the hidden costs behind the hiring process. We have discussed some of the platforms that can be helpful if you’re new and looking for an app to develop and you need help finding out where to hire which kind of developer, as the annual revenue growth is expected to grow by 6.87% by 2028. Discover the capabilities of ChatGPT POE, an advanced model that uses the features of the pre-trained OpenAI GPT system to enhance conversational AI. Hire an expert mobile app developer or individual by keeping your goals in mind. Implementing the tips that we have mentioned can help you save time. You can optimize the hiring process by making time efficient and by targeting the top talent in the budget.

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