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Playing video games in our leisure time is something that all of us have done. But for some, this activity was not just limited to a time-pass action. In this blog, we shall review 40 game development ideas for future game startups and entrepreneurs.  Some of us took video games as a source of entertainment, whereas some took it as a serious matter. It was important for players to win and move forward in the race with the competitors. Video games have occupied a considerable chunk of our lives and memories. With time, different kinds of games have been launched in the market, and game development has made its place in the industry.

Facts And Figures Regarding The Growth Of The Gaming Industry

 Growth Of The Gaming Industry

The history of the gaming industry is a debatable topic. Still, it is known that it started somewhere in the early 1900s and has now made an evolutionary change in the market of industries. According to some of the most astonishing and mind-blowing statistical findings and predictions of the gaming industry, it is predicted that in 2023, the video games industry is expected to generate US$384.90 billion in revenue. By 2027, the market volume is predicted to reach US$521.60 billion, with revenue estimated to expand at a 7.89% annual rate (CAGR 2023–2027).  Reports have shown that by 2027, 3.10 billion consumers will be anticipated in the market for video games.

The Mind-Boggling Growth Of The Mobile Game App Industry

Mobile Game App Industry

What first started as an industry that developed arcade games has become one of the top industries in the mobile app development market. With the rise of launches in different mobile devices and gadgets, both in the Android market and in the iOS market, mobile app developers have started to launch more and more mobile apps in the store for consumers. The mobile game market of 2023 shows that gaming apps will have the most outstanding market value of US$286.50 billion. The overall mobile app consumption of the gaming sector shows that  21% of Android and 25% of iOS apps downloaded are games, and these percentages are expected to increase in the upcoming years. Mobile games are played worldwide by about 2.2 billion people.

With such impressive statistical figures, it is a pretty prominent fact that mobile game app development or mobile gaming is the new progressive trend in the industry of app development. This industry is benefitting people and enterprises in two possible ways:

  • Companies hire mobile game app developers to join their teams and develop exciting games with the latest features.
  • At the initial level, mobile game app developers can employ a mobile app development team to get help and support for their app development process.

Exceptional Ideas For Mobile Game App Development For Future Startups And Entrepreneurs

Exceptional Ideas For Mobile Game App Development

Now, without further ado, we will dive into 40 game ideas for future game startups and entrepreneurs.

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Augmented Reality (AR) And Virtual Reality (VR) Mobile Game Ideas

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are one of the top most latest technologies in the world of the gaming industry. AR gaming includes a mixture of utilizing the surroundings of the external world and adding virtual characters or players to elevate the whole gaming experience. Such kind of gaming does not require the players to be bounded in a single place and is playable without a necessary headphone set or device.  On the other hand, VR gaming utilizes 3D technology for game development. It is different from Augmented Reality (AR) gaming as it is necessary to use a headphone device and stay in a single place to play the game. Both of these gaming types benefit the gaming industry in their own ways and are enjoyed by users all over the world.

Examples Of AR And VR Games

Pokemon Go,

Star Trek Online

Jurrasic World

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Walking Dead

Action Mobile Game Ideas

Action games hold a vital place in the gaming industry. For a long period of time, these games have covered a big part of the game market and are preferred by the majority of users. These games have a thrill and excitement element in them as they require some kind of action from the player in the form of fighting, shooting, running, etc.

Examples Of Action Mobile Games

Detective games

Crossroad games

Adventure Quest games

Sports based games

Shooter games

Fighting games

Play To Earn Mobile Game Ideas

Play-to-earn games, often known as P2E games, are now becoming a trend in the gaming industry. These games are not only famous amongst professional gamers but are also preferred by people who play games as a source of entertainment. P2E games allow users to earn something in the real world or in the game. These rewards range from money, points, discount offers, special features, and even cryptocurrencies or NFTs. There is no doubt that playing to earn games will be the next big step in the evolution of the gaming industry.

Examples Of Play To Earn Games

NFTs games like Sorare and Blankos Block Party

Crypto currency games such as Battle Infinity, Gods Unchained, and Gala Games: Town Stars

Lottery games like Mega Millions, Powerball, Lotto 6/49.

Games to earn cash games like 8 Ball Strike, Rewarded Play, Bubble Cash, and Solitaire Cube.

Gift cards and reward games such as Lucky Scratch

Racing Mobile Game Ideas

Another category of famous video game ideas is the racing mobile game app ideas. The quantity of racing games is enormous in the market, and people with different age brackets prefer such games.

Examples Of Racing Mobile Games

Car and motorcycle racing games

Animal racing games

Swimming games

Boat racing games

Skating games

Basic racing games

Sports Mobile Game Ideas

Mobile game app users often prefer downloading and playing different sports games as they allow them to engage virtually in an activity they love watching and playing in the physical world. Sports lovers have other inspirations and role models from the real world. By having the opportunity to play sports mobile games, they mimic their favorite players and enjoy this category of video game ideas more than any other category. Since there are so many types of sports in the real world, the best thing about the virtual world is that all kinds of sports game apps are available there, with different styles, features, and other exciting benefits.

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Examples Of Sports Mobile Games

Cricket mobile games

Baseball mobile games

Football mobile games

Boxing mobile games

Golf mobile games, etc.

Board Mobile Game Ideas

Board games are another source of killing time in a playful way when it comes to mobile games. With different kinds of board games come varied difficulty levels that challenge the players to use their cognitive skill set and get immersed in the game to win and proceed to the next level. People of different ages like board games. For kids, it is a source of exploring a new kind of gaming category and expanding their mental capabilities, whereas, for elders, it is something that lets them re-live their childhood or adulthood memories and spend their time in a creative way.

Examples Of Board Mobile Games






Educational Mobile Game Ideas

Did you ever think that the educational sector or industry will be benefitted from the world of the gaming industry? For the most extended period of time, games were considered to be a source of time waste for children and were believed to have adverse effects on kids. But now, with multiple kinds of video game ideas emerging in the app market, mobile game developers have started to develop games related to educational topics. These games not only help the gaming industry but also open doors to creative ways of learning and promote accessible and simplified learning methods.

Examples Of Mobile Game Ideas Built For Educational Purposes

Mobile Game Ideas Built For Educational Purposes

General knowledge-related mobile game apps

Science and Maths mobile game apps

English Grammar and Literature mobile game apps

History and Geography mobile game apps

Mobile Game Ideas For Kids

Mobile game app development for kids has taken the mobile app development industry by storm. These games are enjoyed by children worldwide as they try to serve a meaningful purpose along with fun elements.

Examples Of Kid’ Mobile Game Ideas

Alphabets mobile game apps

Numbers mobile game apps

Cartoon mobile game apps

Character mobile game apps

Other Game Development Ideas And Categories For Mobile Game App Development

The types and sub-types of games mentioned above were nothing compared to the vast variety of gaming apps in the evolutionary world of the gaming industry. It feels wrong not to share such valuable information with our readers. So, we will now briefly review some more game development categories for mobile game app development ideas.

  • Story Mobile Game App Ideas: These kinds of games include an exciting line of the story for all the characters in the game. The players have to follow the storyline and remember the essential key points to proceed further in the game and reach the end of the journey. The element of surprise and mystery adds up to the value of such games. Some game ideas in this category are mystery story games, dramatic story games, etc.
  • Mental Health Mobile Game App Ideas: There is no doubt that mental health awareness and mental well-being were not given that much importance in the past. However, this is not the case now. More and more people are currently joining hands for this essential and valuable cause. Just like that, mobile game app developers have also started to develop games in this regard. The purpose of such games is to provide calmness, peace, and a source of outlet for the player. For instance, My Oasis is a calming game, and Windosill is another game useful as a source of light meditation. There are other games as well that help in controlling anxiety and are a source of relaxation.
  • Card Mobile Game App Ideas: Card games have had their roots for the most extended period of time. They have their own charm and fun element of playing. Like board games, card games are also enjoyed by people of different age brackets and are helpful for expanding and enhancing mental abilities and cognitive mental processes. Some examples of card mobile game apps are poker, rummy, blackjack, etc.
  • Others: Other unique mobile game app development ideas include mobile puzzle games, arcade games, idle games, fantasy and sci-fi games, wearable device games, etc.

Benefits Of Mobile Game App Development In Today’s World

Benefits Of Mobile Game App Development

As we have reviewed that there are so many mobile game applications available in the market, and mobile game app development is becoming a new thing. It is essential to understand and know about the benefits these gaming apps provide to the game industry, users or players, and mobile app developers. Some of the mesmerizing benefits of mobile game app development in today’s modern world are

  1. Mobile game apps promote social interaction between players as many games have the feature of a multi-player mode of the game. Through this feature, players can connect throughout the world, play as a team or against each other, and build a connection.
  2. Nowadays, mobile game apps have the feature to be developed as Cross Platforms or Hybrid Game App. This feature gives the benefit of games being launched on different platforms rather than a single operating system and increases user engagement.
  3. With the rise in AR gaming trends, physical health, and fitness are now being promoted through gaming apps. These games require the players to engage in physical activity and movements in order to complete stages and proceed further in the game.
  4. Mobile games are a helpful tool when it comes to utilizing them as an edutainment source. Students can now learn about specific topics like foreign languages, history, geography, and other subjects in an engaging and fun way with the help of teachers or parents.
  5. The wide variety of handy mobile phones gives easy accessibility for players to play games whenever and wherever they want. Mobile game apps do not require specific gaming consoles or headphones and can be enjoyed through a single internet connection.
  6. Mobile game apps provide the opportunity for users to build a gaming community, organize different events or meet-and-greet, and spend good quality time while knowing each other and expanding their social circle.
  7. Economically, mobile gaming apps generate an increasing rate of revenue and have shown a marvelous escalating sales rate.
  8. With new and upgraded features, mobile game apps have better options for data security which assures a safe experience of playing and lets the users enjoy their time tension free.
  9. Lastly, businesses and other industries are also taking benefit of the mobile game app industry for their marketing and promotional purposes. By adding their products or services to a gaming app or simply utilizing the option of paid ads, companies are now heading toward the gaming industry for a new approach to marketing.


The scope of mobile game app development is broader and more fruitful. It is a formidable competitor in the market for many industries in the world. With more and more mobile game apps being developed and video game ideas being generated, it is really crucial to hire or join a team of professionals at a mobile app development company to start the process without any delay and get excellent and satisfactory results at the deployment of the mobile game application. It won’t be long before the mobile gaming industry will surpass console gaming in terms of revenue, owing to the increasing number of mobile gamers every day. Therefore, investing in your idea for a potential mobile app development project would be wise.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mobile Game App Development

Q: What are some of the most critical steps that I should take while developing a mobile game application?

A: The stages of mobile game app development, be it of any kind, includes some general steps like generating a clear idea of the game app, making a plan of action, choosing a platform, investing good time and skills in UI/UX designing, selecting a monetization model and promotional strategy for the app, initial development phase, testing and modifying the application, launching and assuring user engagement.

Q: Is it necessary to market a mobile game app? If yes, then why?

A: Yes. It is equally important to market a mobile game app before and after its launch as any other mobile app. Marketing a gaming app will help users know about the features and lead to eagerness amongst the audience and user engagement.

Q: What kind of games are action-adventure games, and are they famous?

A: Action-adventure games combine two essential categories of games. These games have an element of adventure and mystery to them and require the player to engage in some sort of action, be it fighting, shooting, platform action, etc. They are popular as many users show their interest in downloading and playing action-adventure games.

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