TradeMate is a pioneer mobile trading app with high functionality and user friendly features.

Trading has never been so easy.

Trading and accessing clients’ information through mobile devices has become very common. Not surprisingly every trader these days is investing in resources that help them have connect with their clients. TradeMate is an application that helps all the traders to connect with their clients. TradeMate with its easy interface help traders practice in safer environment. A well known group approached us for an ever- connecting app for its customers. They needed an intelligent app for this definitely. We gifted them with TradeMate as the rightist thing for them. This new business messenger app allows you to stay in touch with your website visitors instantly& constantly within no time. It's super-fast for your official timely dealings!

TradeMate is your perfect match because it gives you instant alters when any visitors visit your website. Most importantly, it enables you to have special insights on your potential visitors. For instance you, with this app you can get insight on clients’ country. This app has the ability to trace client’s specific location that eventually takes you a step ahead. Additionally, it enables automatic visitors’ engagement meaning, it helps you stay connected with your customers 24/7. Also, this app has added feature that entertains and engage people without keeping them in pipeline. It is multifunctional app meaning it helps agents to chat with multiple clients at one time. If you have this app in your phone than you wouldn’t have to worry about managing data and visitor’s particulars because TradeMate give quick access to your chat history and visitors particular even if you’re available. Now your business leads & instant trade opportunities aren't gone anywhere with this latest TradeMate Android app


Checkmate, the app for diabetic patients.

Monitoring blood glucose can be discomforting and an extra burden for a lot of people living with diabetes, so an easy to use innovation tool like Checkmate can make a huge difference. Released earlier this year only, the app aims to help individuals with diabetes management. The founders who birthed this startup are a group of Harvard student. The idea behind it is that no one knows diabetes better than people who are living with it. “That's why CheckMate Diabetes is an app built by people with diabetes for people with diabetes.” This free application regularly reminds you to check you sugar level. This is a sugar tester don’t use it as a blood pressure scanner.

According to the American Diabetes Association, 1.5 million cases of diabetes are diagnosed every year; diabetes remains the 7th leading cause of death in the US. Clearly, it is about time a diabetes management tool became available. An anecdotal link between the improved management of diabetes and social support has existed for quite some time. A research from National Centre of Biotechnology Information gives us an affirmative. “Social support can benefit patients’ health by buffering stress, changing affective states, increasing self-efficacy, and influencing change in negative health behaviors.”

This research jibes with the mission of Checkmate. Its founders knew a number of glucose checking apps and such for diabetic patients already exist – but what they lacked was a social support mechanism. What makes Checkmate stand out from all the other apps is how it tackles diabetes management. It doesn’t do so only at the individual level; it takes diabetes management a step beyond by integrating a strong social support system. Supplemented with features like gamification and challenges, Checkmate makes sure the users actually get motivated to live a healthier lifestyle.

So that, in the end, the users can say,



We Analyze Your idea And Advise You Without Obligation.

Businesses today want a continual customer interaction for uniform product deliver in time taking this as a challenge; GoFonic is made to be created on sphere by our dedicated app designers. Now to connect with you customers is as simple as A-B-C with GoFonic , a VoIP driven technology platform , much similar to Skype , that provides you the freedom to place international calls within the least fraction of the cost. You can instantly connect with your customers via smart phones or desktops located in any region of the world with timey deals get done on hand!

This application is considered best suited for smart communication because it works on principle of prepaid system similar to the top-up facility in mobile phones as per your calling needs. It gets your traditional phone bills reduced drastically. With GoFonic app you can enjoy unlimited business connections, trace call log records anytime anywhere. Appsnado has created an app that is ideal for every MNC to go beyond. In addition to help you stay connected while travelling; it also helps you reach out your precious global customers with a' reduced call per minute'. GoFonic allows you to pick up from 'Single User Solution' for small business or 'Corporate Call Center Solution', designed for large-scale businesses to enjoy the app seamlessly.


The mission is to Elevate Your G.A.M.E.

Go Mentor Application is to lift urban students (through mentoring) to higher levels in their Grades, Attendance, and Maturity to Empower them to be leaders who bring about positive change in their schools, communities, and the world. One of the most challenging aspects during the development of Go Mentor was the design direction and conceptualization while considering the target audience. We had to design an app that is trendy, appealing and sophisticated enough to offer individuals a simplistic process. After multiple iterations, our creative team was able to achieve the objectives in the most efficient manner.

Go Mentor connects people with mentors that require mentorship. A unique blend of different types of mentoring available for people and two way communications with mentors enables Go Mentor to deliver the ultimate user experience. The app was designed to connect users with mentors who are looking for mentorship. Looking for the perfect mentor? Let Go Mentor do all the work for you. You just need to sign up, select the kind of mentorship you’re interested in and let Go Mentor work its magic. See Motivational Videos. And start your mentorship right away! Go Mentor was built for the iOS & Android devices and has been deployed on their respective App Stores.


Easy integration to your e-commerce or order processing system

Uniqueables operates under a franchise system in Australia & emerges as a leading Ecommerce store with cutting-edge, multiple assortment of product range, like: electrical goods, computerized inventory kitchen appliances, small appliances & much more for Australian consumers to enjoy. The e-store felt the need to have an integrated app for its retail customers to shop away & they approached us for this thing .We designed a 'Uniqueables' app for this open e-commerce platform aspiring to create a premium shopping experience.

This premium shopping app helps you enjoy a secure, web-based customer portal. With this app you can get easy integration to your e-commerce or order processing system. Automated order entry option for seamless order placement is simply a great feature that allows your customers to tap in and start shopping. In addition to enjoying perks of exclusive coupons/discounts, you can send notifications about the newest offers and items added into your inventory. This app is a complete package like it gives you personalized on-boarding. All payment options supported & workable 'shopping cart ', GPS guide, integrated social networks (twitter, Facebook). If you want to experience uncultured navigation experience, get your app designed today. Each project is a world. For this reason, we offer a completely customized professional service.


Make Virtual Currency By Getting Healthy.

The game app design was a big challenge but went thankfully appreciable. With: kick starter, transformer or maintainer to choose from as your 'own category', the game allows you to challenge your bodies by putting some money in the pot initially & after completion time whoever wins weight-loss game will break the pot . The game also engages you to select from the right game type for you from three options available, i.e.: lose a little, lose a lot or hold stead.

There are number of features that can help you lose weight more efficiently. for instance, with this app you can Read inspiring updates, view photo clips, tips, and get encouragement from your game host and other players. Also, you can share your story and help others with their weight loss journey. This app helps you easily post your own update, share great smooth recipe or upload a classy gym selfie! We all know how difficult it is to lose weight, we require high motivation. With Dietbet app you can go through & share motivating messages and ease your journey. Additionally you can submit weigh-ins easily, daily and check out your fitness standings against other players. All in all it is an app that makes you win in every situation.

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