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Intending to build a filter-focused platform, the client asked for the development of a filter application that could enable the user to take convincing pictures with the characters they wished to meet in the physical world within a real-life setting of striking backgrounds.

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Do you ever dream of updating your travel diary or your social media platforms with pictures of you in places all around the world, but the money in your pocket keeps you back from traveling? Why worry? Moments Ago, a photo editing application, has entered the image industry to capture perfect pictures with close to reality photo filters; click your picture today and second-guess your own self if it is edited or you did visit the place in some forgotten fragment of your life.










In a world where individuals of all kinds are more inclined towards capturing the moment more than living it, how else can you assist them more, if not by providing them a means to facilitate their wish of photography.

However, the client was fully aware of the project's need: a filter application to try different filters and share the images on social media platforms; the idea existed, but the reality didn’t, and neither did the client have any filters nor a clue of how the filters will fit in different screen sizes, that is when we jumped into the picture to tackle the problem.


The plea showed up to Appsnado’s window to create a filter application, yet the claimer had only a vague idea of what to present us. We got this hurdle out of the way by engaging in active communication, which enabled us to build an understanding of the client’s expectations. The skilled team of application developers at Appsnado then geared up, rolled up their sleeves of expertise, and presented the solution of building user interfaces one of its kind that could satiate the need of the client and the requirement of the application bringing in the desired revenue following the foreseeable launch.


Within the timeframe of three months, we succeeded in working on attractive user interfaces. Together with the sheer input of the client and amalgamation of the creative integration of the technicality unique only to the development team, Appsnado finalized the images to convert them into adjustable filters depending on the screen sizes. We churned out filters that exceeded the realm of adjustability and gained realistic touch, fully supporting the purpose the client targeted to achieve.


Having freemium and premium exciting filters to click images with celebrities and famous animated characters, Moments Ago, despite its partial release within a numbered days, wherein a full version of the application is yet to release, the app phenomenally managed to attract a couple of investors who wants to be a part of this fantastic application. Isn’t this enough for gauging the success of the hard work invested?



You may ask what good is an idea, from someone who has nothing,” at Appsnado, we honored when the client shared the idea for the image-editing application, we listened and employed our command adequately to deliver a UI loved by the client adding up to the anticipation of the abounding launch.


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Nobody speaks better about service than the ones who had it; listen from our client how we worked tirelessly and effectively to deliver what we promise; excellence and guaranteed satisfaction with an end-product of zero error.

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Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, and we always ensure they are happy with the results we deliver. This has allowed us to amass a vast clientele who is never disappointed.

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