Go Mentor

Client’s aim was to build a collaborative platform where mentors and students could collaborate, share knowledge online and bring visible and positive change in the schools and communities.


Our client is a great social activist, it was clients’ dream to build a platform where people could interact, learn and get the best advice. He wanted to improve the lifestyle of people, help them make wise decisions and become leaders of tomorrow. Appnsnado was given the responsibility to design an interactive app with easy and attractive user interface.

Building one on one and one to multiple functionalities while maintaining confidentiality was a challenge. Additionally, because it was an unusual idea, it was tough to even visualize the functionality and transform the idea into reality. It was also quite challenging to meet the App Store and Play Store guidelines because the app needed to be less native with much cross domain functionalities.


After thorough analysis of given requirements and using technical skills, we developed an excellent product named “GoMentor” – an intelligent application used to lift urban students through mentoring. App’s aim is to empower students to become leaders so that they could bring positive change in their communities and the world. Go Mentor connects students with mentors through live mentoring and survey. People looking for a mentor just need to sign up, select the kind of mentorship they’re interested to get ultimate user experience. Go Mentor is an easy to use app with all the brilliant features, built for both iOS & Android devices.


Appsnado efficiently implemented chatting functionality without any lag. Our developers used HTML-5 to make it responsive to all mobile screen sizes. One of the most challenging aspects during the development of Go Mentor was the design direction and conceptualization while considering the target audience. We had to design an app that is trendy, appealing and sophisticated enough to offer individuals a simplistic process. After multiple iterations, our creative team was able to achieve the objectives in the most efficient manner.


We have implemented the project to the optimal level as it can be judged from the user base it has maintained in the past 6 months.

Stephen . A. Kandarian

Appsnado has always been the choice when it comes to designing my own mobile app. I have been a satisfied customer of the agency since 2014 & since then I am glad to recommend the people to others for their mobile app service needs.

Susan Summers

I still remember the day when our first project's narrow deadline was hanging over our heads & we were seriously sitting clue-less. We then opted for Appsnado upon few fellow colleague recommendations & I must say I am still prideful

Mitchell Walters

Thanks to the team of ingenious people at APPSNADO for the successful execution of Virtual Tour App. Your team’s attitude and aptitude is truly exceptional! So Glad that we chose to work with your company for this project!.

Colin Fide

Very well-informed and conversant about all things. You guys were very quick and efficient in solving queries. I got a very nice team to work with. Highly recommended. Overall, entire app development process was a very smooth!

Julia Eliezer

Your team has been a great partner I must say. Not just you guys surpassed my expectations; but you all stayed very courteous, organized and professional. Got the app on time and in specified budget. We hope to work with you again! .