One of our prestigious clients was looking to enhance the life of diabetic patients via a fully fueled mobile app. App’s aim is to provide diabetic patients a source of extrinsic motivation, change their unhealthy habits, help them control their diabetes, exercise regularly and manage life-changing complications.


Client’s idea was brilliant, but due to lack of concrete plan and resources, the client was not able to conceptualize it further and execute the plan properly. The client wanted us to make an attractive app in terms of UI and functionality.


Appsnado thoroughly evaluated the client’s idea and all the necessary requirements to develop a detailed roadmap. Our app developers iteratively worked with the client to develop a beautiful and engaging app that enhances the health and wellbeing of the clients. Checkmate is a native iOS application with the integrated panel and several robust and dynamic features. It is an easy to use tool developed to make a huge difference in the lives of diabetic people. This free application regularly reminds users to check their sugar level at regular intervals. Automatic generation of weekly reports saves time and cost of the user resulting into faster treatment. This is a sugar tester don’t use it as a blood pressure scanner! Checkmate provides daily support to those living with diabetes.

The founders knew a number of glucose checking apps for diabetic patients already exist – but what they lacked was a social support mechanism. What makes Checkmate stand out from all the other apps is how it tackles diabetes management. It doesn’t do so only at the individual level; it takes diabetes management a step beyond by integrating a strong social support system. Supplemented with features like gamification and challenges, Checkmate makes sure the users actually get motivated to live a healthier lifestyle..


Appsnado efficiently managed the steady inflow of requirement by closely working with the client, it helped us to incorporate new ideas/features on the go. The user interface was designed for people of all age. Xcode together with C language was used to develop this type of healthcare solution.


The client was satisfied after receiving the app, with all requirements fulfilled and delivered on time. Checkmate is an eye-catching and highly interesting application with user-friendly interface, fun and commendable features to enhance the wellbeing of the patients.

Stephen . A. Kandarian

Appsnado has always been the choice when it comes to designing my own mobile app. I have been a satisfied customer of the agency since 2014 & since then I am glad to recommend the people to others for their mobile app service needs.

Susan Summers

I still remember the day when our first project's narrow deadline was hanging over our heads & we were seriously sitting clue-less. We then opted for Appsnado upon few fellow colleague recommendations & I must say I am still prideful

Mitchell Walters

Thanks to the team of ingenious people at APPSNADO for the successful execution of Virtual Tour App. Your team’s attitude and aptitude is truly exceptional! So Glad that we chose to work with your company for this project!.

Colin Fide

Very well-informed and conversant about all things. You guys were very quick and efficient in solving queries. I got a very nice team to work with. Highly recommended. Overall, entire app development process was a very smooth!

Julia Eliezer

Your team has been a great partner I must say. Not just you guys surpassed my expectations; but you all stayed very courteous, organized and professional. Got the app on time and in specified budget. We hope to work with you again! .