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Getting To Know About Checkmate

A client stopped by at our digital studio with the aim to have a fully fueled app that boosts the lives of diabetic patients. He wanted to have an application that may act as a source of extrinsic motivation, help them control their sugar levels, trigger them to exercise regularly, alter their unhealthy habits and manage life-changing complications.

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What Was The Challenge?

Unequivocally, the client had a brilliant idea in his mind; however, due to the scarcity of the plan and resources, he had tough times refining his idea any further. He came with the raw idea and confided in us to execute the plan properly. The journey from ideation to delivery was indeed a challenge, but not for Appsnado. We welcomed the challenge and buckled up to set forth a highly intuitive app.


Combatting With the Challenges

After a thorough investigation and analysis of the clients’ vision and the requirements, we outlined a detailed roadmap. With the iterative approach, our application developers came up with the most intuitive and visually attractive app, proving its value to the users' well-being and health.

The solution is a native iOS application, having an integral panel and various dynamic and robust features. Not to mention, the app is easy-to-use combined with the ability to make a world of difference in the lives of diabetic patients.

The zero-cost app reminds patients to keep a check on their sugar levels at regular intervals. We have also introduced the feature of automatic generation of the weekly reports, allowing users to seek faster treatment. For a little reminder, this app serves as a sugar tester, not a BP scanner!

The stakeholders knew that there were so many glucose checking apps already there, so they expected more from what was already in the market. Appsnado found out the lack of social support mechanism, thus integrated this in the Checkmate App.

The way it tackles diabetes management makes it stand out from the existing applications. The app does not only manage it on an individual level; it takes the management one step forward by integrating a storing social support system. The app is complemented with features like challenges and gamification so that the user gets motivated with embracing a healthier lifestyle.

How Did We Make It Possible?

By closely working with the client, our team effectively managed the steady inflow of the requirements. This way, we were able to incorporate the new ideas/features in our seamless process. We designed a user interface suitable for people of every age group. The languages that helped us do the trick were C language together with Xcode.


The End-Product Is Absolute WOW!

With the combined efforts, Appsnado succeeded in developing a game in complete accordance with the client’s vision. The game is rich with all the required features and decencies that the client demanded from us. We are proud that the newly launched app is doing absolutely wonders and is now the most preferred choice of many users.

This health solution is indeed a breakthrough in the realm of virtual health assistance.

What Our Clients Say

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do, and we always ensure they are happy with the results we deliver. This has allowed us to amass a vast clientele who is never disappointed.

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