Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid

The development of a mobile app is not a piece of cake. It takes more than just information; it requires passion, activeness, and a sharp sense of learning and unlearning. While developing the plan on paper, you might think something will work; there might be a chance of it not working during the development phase. Development is never free of mistakes, but some errors are more crucial than others. In this blog, AppsNado is talking about common app development mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Poor Research of Users’ Need

Not accurately identifying the consumers’ needs can put the business owners in trouble. Common mistake business owners make is thinking that their needs are in line with customers’ needs. Mobile App Development has eradicated a lot of guesswork. When you have decided to build an app, your next step should be market research, where you get to know the scope of the app you’re about to develop for a clear picture.

  1. Don’t Copy your Web or Desktop App!

Another common mistake developers make is copying existing web applications and turning them into mobile apps. Imagine if AppsNado had copied the web version to make a mobile app, it would have been horrible. When you aim to create a smooth and enjoyable experience for your users, you can’t escape through an easy way. When you build an app, you need to make sure that it is optimized for the platform you intend to develop it for, be it Ios, Android, Windows, etc. Copying an app from one platform to another will create chaos and confusion among the users.

  1. One Platform at One Time!

Focusing on multiple platforms will leave you confused, and you won’t be able to work on either of them with undivided attention. Many companies try to launch their app on all platforms all at once, which doesn’t work well. So, developers should focus on one platform and provide the best experience possible to users.

  1. Too many features!

People out there in the tech world still believe that more features equal more customers, which is a myth. Too many features in one app will leave the user frustrated because, remember, your user is an ordinary man who might or might not know much about technology, so keep your app short and straightforward; that is the key to your app success.

  1. A poor UI/UX

Many people think the app’s design doesn’t matter; they’re wrong because poor UI and UX is why many users delete apps from their phones. Design is one of the essential stages of Mobile App development, so to build a decent mobile app, you need to hire a team of professional designers. Later, you can test your app with target users to know if the design works for your app.



Trying to be perfect in the development field is absurd because it is full of innovation. Getting it right at your first launch is almost impossible, so you need to stay patient with the process and go with the flow. There is a chance to learn and be better with each passing day. Utilize it.