Mistakes to avoid in small business marketing

Marketing is probably the most exciting part of a small business but is highly stressful simultaneously. What makes it exciting is that you can market your business in a thousand ways or combine these ways to come up with something of your own. Marketing is a world full of wonders; you are free to do experiments here, but experiments should not end up harming your business in any way. So AppsNado Blog is here to let you know about the common mistakes small business owners often make.

  1. No marketing plan

Making plans may not be very attractive to you but believe us, it is essential. Marketing without a strategy is like shopping with a blindfold, the minute you take the blindfold off, you come to know that you have got four blue shirts. Not having a plan might make your business successful only if you’re lucky, but most likely, you have signed your business up for failure. So, always build up a plan. Make strategies, look for experienced individuals and seek pieces of advice. That way, you can learn what works the best for you.

  1. Not knowing the “element” of your business

Every business has the “Element,” making it different from other businesses. You, as an owner, need to know what makes your business stand out so that you can make it your point of selling. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)  identification will help you set yourself apart from the competition.  You can refer to your USP as you begin marketing.

  1. Know your customers

A common mistake small business owners make is that they try to sell to everyone. They consider everyone a potential customer. AppsNado is a custom app development company; if we start selling our services to people who have no interest or knowledge about tech, that would be a disaster. Similarly, you as a company need to know your target audience instead of offering your services to everyone.

  1. Refusing to get out of comfort zone

Marketing is a diverse field; before you know it, there is something new out there in the world, ready to get tried out by you. Mostly, small business owners juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, which is why sometimes they tune themselves out. But the world of marketing is ever-changing, and it is necessary to stay updated. Staying updated will keep you informed about everything in the marketing world, and staying informed will give ideas you can implement with your own business.

  1. Ignoring the competition

Knowing your element is great, but knowing your competitor is greater. Sometimes, owners completely ignore their competitors to grow individually, which is thoughtful, but that way, they miss out on all the learning experiences they can collect. Researching what your primary competitors are doing on social media can give you many ideas and chances to correct your mistakes.


Now you know what to avoid while marketing your businesses, develop a plan and start right away.