How to create an attractive mobile app design?

Your app might be excellent, but there is no way it will touch the heights of success with an ugly design. Engineering and design are closely related to creating a great user experience. Anything that doesn’t look appealing will not captivate users, so it will not do well in the market no matter how useful your app is. AppsNado has collected the best ways to create a design that will blow minds away. It is essential to think about your design right from the beginning so that your end product is valuable and gorgeous at the same time.

  1. Focusing on the details

If you look closely at the most successful apps, you’ll see they pay attention to the details. You will see excellent typography, empty spaces and high-resolution imagery. Developers often get too caught up with technical things that they think creativity is overrated, which is wrong. Your user might or might not know anything about technical things, but your app’s creativity establishes the first impression. Don’t go overboard with the experiments but design something unique and pleasing.

  1. Incorporation of your brand

While focusing on the design, you also need to focus on your logo. The colors should be chosen wisely since you will be branding consistently on all the optimization platforms. The logo should not be blended with the design because it should stand out. The logo should be incorporated in the header instead of written phrases to increase brand recognition.

  1. Design for the platform and the phone

Since we live in a world full of gadgets, the app and the design have to be designed, keeping all the platforms and versions in mind. What works for the web might not work for a mobile application; some elements can be the same on all platforms. For example, phones vary in size; you need to design for those sizes. A smart way to implement this is to create graphics in three sizes, small, medium, and high density.

  1. The mobile device is in no way a mini-computer

Mobile phones are not computers. They are entirely different devices with different functions and features. Web development is in no way similar to mobile app development. So expectations of users also vary. The design you have created for your website will not work for your mobile application; hence you need to approach the app differently. When designing for mobile, you need to pay attention to the size first, then to other features since almost everything varies between a website and a mobile application.


Mobile app designing can be challenging, but it rewards you in unexpected ways. Hence, working on app design will be a hassle at first but remember, it is fruitful in ways you can’t think of.