Embracing the new trends in QA testing

The evolution in apps development industries like AppsNado implies that new approaches are being implemented with each rising sun. That means more contemporary, and precedent testing methods are needed for companies to excel and stand out. It is essential to know what trends will impact one’s company and encounter them. Digital transformation is increasing per consumer demands, and innovation is an unavoidable element the app industry needs. Consumers require competent delivery in the recent era, so testing has to go hand in hand with app development.

Here are a few trends making space in the picture:

Artificial Intelligence for the win

Artificial intelligence is growing at the fastest rate possible, and it has brought a great extent of advancement in the QA testing trends. Companies are putting their CO AI developers to work to keep the development and testing parallel, which will bring tremendous growth to the industry in a short period.

Implementation of DevOps practices

Apps development companies need to replace manual testing with automated testing due to the increasing DevOps practices. As DevOps is gaining popularity, it is also established that DevOps practices are not effectively used. Hence, with time, commonly used automation tools like Selenium, Katalon, and Testcomplete with their progressing features will make automation more effective.

Growth of IoT

The unstoppable growth of IoT is bringing a new challenge for developers as software systems can now be operated in multiple environments. This means additional security and testing are required to run things smoothly. There is a strong chance of increasing cloud-based and containerized test environments.

Mobile Test Automation

As mobile phones grow more capable, the growth in the mobile app development industry is significantly increasing. Companies including AppsNado, which provides the finest android app development, need to make mobile test automation a part of DevOps development. This trend is accelerating the growth of efficiency in delivery because many new tools are introduced along with advanced methods for mobile test automation.

Acceleration of the Delivery process

The delivery process must be quick and efficient with these promptly evolving information technology trends. Industries will have to multiply their working pace to deliver quality work to consumers with quality assurance which can be challenging. Still, it will pick up the pace with time, and QA testing will get more accessible than before.


Our world is navigated by digital transformation changes, which are growing exponentially in no time; hence industries need to keep up with the ever-evolving trends to survive and thrive in this cut-throat competition.