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Navigating the Virtual Frontier: A Guide to the Best AR Zone Apps

What Is AR Zone In the Mobile App Store?

The advancement in technology is one of the most projecting things that nobody can contradict; witnessing the rapid growth in the digital realm, how far do you think the competition can go? There is no limit. This domain keeps growing insane, especially for the entertainment industry, say it be gaming applications or socializing apps; the major shift in the app stores came with integrating technology in applications like AI, ML, AR, and VR. In this blog, we will be discussing Augmented Reality’s impact on mobile app development. As human beings, we always want to access everything; envision experiencing things that are not happening, a technology where you can try on anything with the comfort of your home; anything that you would like to try, you can scroll away, thanks to the dazzling technology of “AR” as in Augmented Reality in the mobile app development.  

AR Zone App – Overview

Augmented reality delivers virtual data that you can feel or sense; this gives real-time experiences. This shift majorly contributed to the entertainment industry, but now it’s even reforming the eCommerce, healthcare sector, interior design, and other sectors too. It works with the collective efforts of software and sensors; nowadays, AR is commonly seen in the mobile applications that we use daily. In this blog, we will be discussing an app known as the AR Zone app, which is an Augmented reality-based app and its features.

What Is The AR Zone App?

Before we talk about its features, let’s get you updated on what the AR Zone app is and what it can offer you. It’s an app witnessing AR-infused creativity in it powered by Samsung. This app has a lot of exceptional and attractive features, like AR Doodle or AR Emoji. It is an AR app that allows Samsung users to experience AR on a mobile phone, leveraging Android as the operating system. This app uses the camera of a mobile phone to create imaginary experiences in the real world. An example of this is the Makeup Try-On feature. 

What Is the AR Zone App On Android?

However, this app is not available on every device. Let’s acknowledge the devices leveraging the AR Zone app:

  • S20+
  • S20 Ultra 
  • ZFlip
  • Galaxy S20

AR Zone app offers unique features like Quick Measure, AR Doodle, AR Emoji Sticker, AR Zone Camera, Dedo Pic, Home Decor Feature, and AR Emoji Studio; these features are available on Samsung devices. Let’s deliberate in detail on the features and understand their functions.

1- AR Zone Camera

This feature is very creative and fun to use. This allows us to make emojis of us or our friends or family have an emoji version of ourselves by using the phone’s camera; you can discover your emoji version very easily. If you want to develop AR apps like this, do you research “How much does it cost to hire an app developer?”. As for the app, all you need to do is go to the “My Emoji” section and generate an emoji version of yourself of the recent picture you clicked. This is not it; you can leverage a variety of features with it, like multiple modes of the camera, using numeric characters, and enabling the animation mode while recording the video. Let’s break down the steps of how it can be done easily:

  1. Open your camera app.
  2. In your camera app, click “More” and choose the “AR Zone.”
  3. Look at the bottom and find an option, “AR Emoji Camera,” from the drop-down features.
  4. Now click on the “+” sign and add a new emoji character.
  5. Then, the feature guide automatically appears, where you can access the AR Zone app.
  6. You can go to the next screen with just one tap and get the modes of the camera.
  7. If you want to record an animated or emoji-integrated video, click on the “Mask” option and then capture selfies or record the videos to have an animated version of the video.
  8. You can also explore the option of “Screen, Mirror, Play.” You can find this at the bottom of the screen.

2- AR Doodle

If you are the type of person who loves to draw or doodle, then don’t worry! You can do it on a mobile phone, too, with your Samsung mobile phone. The AR Zone app offers you its engaging feature, AR Doodle, where you can do doodle art with features leveraging AR. You can kill your leisure time and draw interactive characters like Marvel or Anime. Nearshore mobile app development in Mexico is on the rise these days. The best yet mind-blowing thing is that this feature detects the doodle, whether it’s a face or anything. AR Doodle allows you to move with your head movements automatically. You can even draw on your pet’s or other people’s faces and record creative videos with your handwriting.

3. AR Emoji Studio

A very simple and creative feature, “AR Emoji Studio,” provides you with a gallery of animated characters that are easy to navigate and use by the users; from here, you can pick any character and immerse yourself in creativity by changing your hairstyle. Sunglasses, jewelry, dresses, and even shoes. It’s a highly functional and inventive feature that is loved by most of the users. Let’s see how you can use this feature:

  1. The first step is to open your AR Zone app and go to “AR Emoji Studio.” Then you can leverage the variety of your avatars of emoji, but first, for this feature, you have to create an emoji for yourself use the “Create My Emoji” option.
  2. Then, there will be a pop-up that has instructions that you can use to personalize and create variants of your emoji and do a lot of things.
  3. Then, you can go back to other options after you are done making an emoji by pressing the “back” button.

4- AR Emoji Sticker

This feature uses the already created emoji version of yours that you have created using the “Create My Emoji” option. You can utilize the power of the best cross-platform app development for your AR apps. The real fun is when there are gestures on stickers that come with your emoji. You can edit your emoji and create stickers with them. Let’s discuss the steps that you can follow to use this feature:

  1. You have to open the AR Zone App and then move to the “All” section, where you can see a lot of emojis and different emoji characters.
  2. You can share by selecting “Share” and then choosing the contact number you want to share, or you can create a “GIF.”
  3. Creating a GIF is also simple. You can begin by clicking the option “Get Started” and then follow what’s in the popup option.

5- Home Decor Feature 

As the name says, this feature deals with home design features where you can see and place any furniture for your home and see for yourself if it looks good in the space along with the other home essentials, especially the color theme if that goes along with the aesthetics of your home. Imagine doing all this just by using the phone.

6- Quick Measure

This ability of the AR Zone app is the most inventive and best, as you can measure the size and distance of any subject by just using an app on your mobile phone. This can elevate the user experience, as this is a very useful feature for the users.

Discover The Benefits Of the AR Zone App

Augmented reality has evolved way too much from gaming experiences to the app experience; the AR Zone app is an app that leverages the phone’s camera, now available on Google Play. Even if you’re not a Samsung user, you can still leverage the usefulness of the AR Zone app with a feature-rich toolkit and options. Apart from this, the AR Zone app has revolutionized meetings and has multiple uses in the industry. Let’s now discuss the uses of the AR Zone app in the business sector:

Helps In Creating a Brand’s Image

Editing the photos and videos and adding the frames with AR Zone is not that hard; all you need is an Android device, and you can save a huge amount of time with creative and stunning visuals to create more engaging responses with Augmented Reality integrated into it, that can help professionals leverage the animated emojis or features in their brand’s image or projects.

Saves Time To Edit

Any business sector or industry needs to edit some of the content from time to time, including pictures and videos; the AR Zone app saves time in editing the content as this technology utilizes the simple camera app very easily and can generate creative responses with a lot of features embedded in the app. Animation takes a lot of time. With AR Zone apps, you can easily use visuals or animated videos.

Doodle On Images

This app has an amazing feature known as “AR Doodle” that can help you draw images and integrate virtual images into your office presentations; you can draw and use features like animations, emoji stickers, and doodles while presenting. It behaves as a tool to draw on the devices.

Quick Measure

Now this, as we have discussed, is indeed a very unique and engaging feature that helps you measure any object’s size and distance of a physical object. You can make use of this feature in your business environment.

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How To Uninstall The App

Let’s say you are not into these emojis and avatars, or you don’t have to do anything with doodles and animations or emoji stickers, and you think this app isn’t for you. Don’t worry. We will be breaking down the process for you to find an alternative solution for the app to remove from your smart device; as the AR Zone app is a system application, it can’t be deleted as the app is safe, but you can remove the app from your home page so you won’t see it and get overwhelmed. Here are the steps:

  • Open your AR Zone app on your Android mobile.
  • On the top-right corner, check the “Gear” icon.
  • Then, toggle off the “Add AR Zone screen.”

By doing so, this app won’t be displayed on your home page, but that doesn’t mean it is not on your phone; it can’t be deleted. If you change your mind and want the app back in, you can always re-add it by heading over to the “More” option on the phone’s camera app then find a gear icon and press this icon like this, you can have it back. 

What Can You Do In The AR Zone App?

AR Zone, as a maneuver of technology, has the potential to be very creative and immersive. Some people confuse this feature-rich app with a basic app having emojis and a sticker pack, but this is far more different and creative; it has an Emoji camera, Doodle feature, AR emoji studio, and Quick measure option, which is very beneficial in businesses sectors as well, as for the advancements the app will be upgraded and be of more use with time and there will also be in-app purchases.

Can An iOS User Download the AR Zone App?

An Augmented Reality application, ” AR Zone, which Samsung powers, is officially rated for the Android platform and has gained quite a lot of popularity among people on Android devices. The curiosity in iPhone users increases as this app is not available in the App Store iOS has to offer. This app is not compatible with the AR Zone app. Let’s find out why.

Samsung created this app, especially for the Galaxy series of Samsung smart devices. This app is designed to be suitable for Samsung hardware and is compatible with its software to deliver its functionalities for iPhone users, as we’re mentioning below.

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Alternatives for the Augmented Reality Apps

Although this specific app is not found in the App Store, there are also two alternatives for iOS users. Apple is known for its investments in augmented reality apps and has several apps that can provide more of the same experiences. Let’s discuss a few:

1- ARKit

This is a robust framework that allows the developers to leverage the AR experiences for iOS users. There are a lot of applications that use ARKit for the production of creative content.

2- Snapchat

This is also a camera-based AR Zone app and has more features to offer than the AR Zone app. This app provides a lot of AR experiences, or emoji-enabled selfies, and several frames of AR. You can have fun and enjoy the features similar to the AR Zone app.

3- Pokémon Go

This is an AR game app that is for iOS users and can be used on devices seamlessly, giving the creative experience as it has a virtual world and the ability to catch Pokémon from the surroundings.

How Can You Customize The AR Effects In The AR Zone App?

Before you can customize the AR effects, what’s more important is that you have the app downloaded to your mobile phone. To do so, you have to go to the Samsung Galaxy Store or Google Play Store. Let’s discuss how you can get started with the app:

  • After you have downloaded the app from the Play Store, you have to open the app, and then it can greet you with a user-friendly interface.
  • Then, you can launch it from your apps or home screen.
  • This app requires your permission to use the camera of your phone, and to leverage your phone’s storage, make sure to use the feature you grant it the permissions required.
  • You can enjoy features like AR effects, a library of emoji stickers, face filters, and multiple options.

Customizing The AR Effects

After using the app launching the app, you can now use the app to customize the AR effects to use it uniquely to create your photos, etc. Below is the process that you can follow to customize the AR effects:

  • Click on the AR Effects icon in the AR Zone app.
  • You can see various options and choose the one that you like the most.
  • After selecting an effect, you can edit it as much as you like until you’re satisfied.
  • After you’re done, you can “Apply” the effect
  • Then, you can use it in real-time videos or photos.


In this blog, we have studied in-depth an Augmented Reality camera app, “AR Zone App,” which is created for Android users and powered by Samsung; This app provides a rich set of features like AR Emoji Studio, AR Doodle, Quick measure, etc. We have discussed the uses of the AR Zone app in business sectors and the alternatives for iOS users so they can also experience the creativity and fun AR-based apps have to offer. Mobile development and consulting are very important before you look for developers to have your app.


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