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How Much Does It Cost To Make An Indie Game?

Indie Game Development in 2024: Navigating Costs and Considerations

Indie game development is an invention of independent developers, and no, it does not mean you have to work alone. Developing applications takes time, energy, and a budget. It would be best to consider hiring professional game developers to build a solid, running game application. This article will break down everything that will cost you for indie game development. There is a lot of learning and programming to do for this development, and you want to be included when it comes to launching something in the digital world.

Indie games gained popularity in 2020 and will continue to grow with each development in the gaming industry. Indie game development can be costly, but it also does wonders in the marketplace. Gaming is one of the most popular activities amongst all generations; from young to adults, everyone needs to back down and have a little play. If you are creative, this would be a great opportunity to showcase your talent. Indie game development might cost you time and money, but when it comes to ideas, only the niche or theme of the game is enough to gather an audience. Minecraft is one of the examples of an Indie game and how it gained massive popularity and successful business in no time.

Indie game creators influence their artistic independence to test exclusive, diverse, and entertaining styles of video games, detail, and performance. Marketing is another challenge for game developers.   Cinematic sequences, flashy graphics, and colorful themes make the game indie. Indie game developers also define it as ‘creative freedom,’ which is enough to tell you where to start your indie game development.

What Do You Need to Know for Indie Game Development?

Building your own indie game from scratch could cost you a lot, but it wouldn’t cost you a big company to make it happen. You need 8–10 developers to work on your game development with you. The gaming industry has developed a lot more and has everything you need to establish an Indie game, as it is popular enough to know the number of players who relish Indie games. 

Let’s break down everything you need to develop your own Indie game:

  • Know your Budget 

When developing an app, you must be very clear about your budget, where to invest, and what it will cost you to build a game from scratch—purchasing software to take a start at your investment in app development and hiring developers to complete the job. These things require money, and looking at your budget to afford all the necessities is essential. Have a clear goal in mind: connect the dots for every investment you would need to make and all the marketing and promotional strategies that would help you gain the right audience.

  • Pick a Framework 

The premium way to start game development is to pick a slight idea, genre, or theme and perceive all the features you need for your application. Game engines classically come with graphical boundaries and integral functionalities. Frameworks are the only code prevailing in the programming language, providing all the functions and systems beneficial to developed games. Programmers consider Python for game development and use it mainly for indie and mobile app game development. Exceptional for 2D games and prototyping. It is highly treasured for beginners, too, but if you can hire professional programmers, there is no need to take any steps back. 

  • Come up with Something New

Go through all the essential mechanics, add important assets like graphics, sound, features, equipment, and functions, and completely implement your game circle. Keep coming up with more ideas and adding more features because gamers rarely complete the game. With features like winning, losing, and starting the game again, you can achieve active users by adding more levels and challenges to your indie game. New armor and characters also tend to make gamers play more often. 

You can always start with something small and end with something big and unique. Know your audience and keep them engaged with your game. Taking feedback seriously is the key to all successful businesses and apps. 

There are circumstances when you don’t know where to start or have a plan for certain expertise. For sufficient coverage to build an indie game, you need to consider all the things mentioned enough, and knowing your budget should be your first thought when developing a game app. The desire for art, animation, and genre of your game should fulfill all your requirements. To take a kick-start at it, you need to note down all the things you need and afford them to build a faultless, running indie game. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Make an Indie Game? 

Indie game production costs certainly depend on the scope, team extent, and complexity of your game. With the growth of indie game developers, the costs related to developing and launching these games have become vital to generating a successful indie game. Indie games might be pricey, but game developers choose to have full independence in their artistic skills and creation. They get to have control over every single facet of the development and procedure, from designs to notions, mechanics, and gameplay. 

Development Expenses 

How much does it cost to make an indie game that is worth $50,000 to more than $70,000? 

Be prepared to allocate your entire budget strategically to the programming phase to ensure the proper functioning of your application. Consider the expenses associated with acquiring game development tools, software systems, and equipment. This includes costs related to licensing intellectual property (IP), branding your game, and obtaining character rights. If you plan to hire professional app developers, be mindful of the expenses for the development team, including managers, programmers, designers, artists, audio technologists, music composers, and voice actors. Additionally, don’t overlook the importance of hiring professional game testers. Understanding the experiences of users and app developers is crucial for identifying and addressing issues in your development process.

  • Cost Of Software And Kits
  • Costs Of Branding And Marketing 
  • Licensing
  • Salaries Of Your Hired Team Of Professionals

Costs of Art & Design 

How much does it cost to make an indie game?  

A high-profile indie game should have striking graphics, an appealing game setting, composite mechanics, advanced gameplay, artistic skills, designs, and features. Purifying particulars for specialized artists and designers is costly and hard work. Game developers and designers spend more than a month shaping a seamless game that is projected to be successful. For a game with such a massive budget, all indie game developers have to account for the sources of game backing. Moreover, the mobile game app development cost of indie games can differ from PC and console platforms when they have all the software, mechanics, and hardware formations.  

  • Cost of professional designers and artists
  • The game has a huge budget
  • Sources of game funding 
  • Costs of advanced gameplay, software, and mechanics

Costs of Marketing 

Indie game developers do not have such an expensive budget when it comes to marketing. According to experts, they only spend 25% to 40% of the total budget on game marketing. 

Some indie game developers might not consider making marketing an investment, but a good marketing strategy has always helped a business be successful enough. It is important to invest in publishing, marketing, and advertising to reach a global audience. It might not be essential for every game to invest in advertising and marketing, but you can always plan a marketing strategy that isn’t costly, for example, through marketing campaigns, social media marketing, game websites, and brand sponsorships to sponsor your game. 

  • It Is Not Costly For Indie Game Developers
  • Marketing Can Help You Reach An Audience On A Wider Level
  • Consider Social Media Marketing And Ad Campaigns
  • Advertise On Game Websites

Costs of Cross-Platform Combination

How much does it cost to make an indie game platform that charges from 10% to 30% with a total profit of sales on cross-platforms

This is also one of the strategies to reach a larger audience. Mobile gaming platforms have a higher level of success in reaching audiences because of the excessive use of smartphones. Android and iOS users are in massive numbers, and these platforms hold millions of game players. Your game application will be accessible on these platforms for massive reach and active players. You can always stream your game on PlayStation and Xbox. Google Play and Apple Store are the platforms for the game developers to cover their budget, as the charges aren’t very costly

  • A Good Strategy For Marketing Purposes
  • Consider Platforms Like Android And iOS
  • Google Play & Apple Stores Aren’t Costly
  • Reach A Larger Audience With Limited Charges

Costs of Game Insurance 

Game insurance is a vital issue, and most indie game developers underestimate the power of good assurance and protection. There isn’t exactly an exact cost of insurance, as it depends on exactly what cyber security insurance you will pick to cover your budget. To make sure your app stays free of bugs, errors, hacks, and omissions and to make it function well and perfectly, you need to consider it a top priority. No one likes poor management and no assurance of decent security. 

Indie games for insurance and security are through self-backing. If you want to build a twenty-four-hour game app, you would want to build your resources that guarantee your game’s safety and security. 

  • Self-Funding And Backing
  • Consider Insurance A Top Priority
  • Pledge Safety And Bug-Free App

Every single cost involved in developing, marketing, insurance, and publishing the game should be researched and noted down clearly. Depending on the level of your game, your budget can be adjusted according to your development plan and stages. A developer should tackle all these fundamental cost questions and considerations before starting the development. The type of gameplay you desire should meet all your requirements and ideas. By making sure of everything that covers your budget, you can build and design a fun app with all the creative features, themes, and characters. 

Further than self-funding, you can kick-start your game app by fundraising. Game app developers tend to develop more game applications and respect the creators. A key to coming up with more ideas for your game plan or funding is to interact with the gaming community and reach out to game developers, competitors, or social groups. You can gather statistics for backing or develop new and artistic ideas to add to your indie game. Engaging with the community helps in hitting the market as well, responding to comments, likes, and shares and arousing the curiosity of all game players. Indie game developers receive fast feedback and respond to criticism or suggestions. By having independent game development, you get to add more features and deliver better customer service.  

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A Breakdown of Costs for Indie Game App Development 

App development cost: $50,000 to $70,000 

Art and design cost: $50,000 to $50,000 (for every year)

Marketing Cost: $5,000 to $10,000

Cross-platform cost: $25,000 to $40,000 (Including Apple store and Google Play)

 Game Insurance Cost: $1,000 to $5,000 (Separating legal fees)

The cost of developing an indie game app can range from as low as $1,000 to $5,000 for more basic projects, while more complex and advanced indie game development may require a budget of around $10,000 or even more. The specific cost depends on factors such as your game’s requirements, ideas, needs, and designs. It is entirely possible to stay within a smaller budget, and a simple indie game worth $1,000 can cover your needs. Mobile game app development provides a plethora of opportunities and allows for the hiring of game artists and developers through outsourcing facilities.

What Makes an Indie Game Successful? 

The indie game genre has become a thriving segment within the game development industry, with its success hinged on various factors. Opting to create an indie game involves a significant investment of money and time, unlike other game genres that may demand fewer resources. Choosing indie as your game genre entails focusing on creativity, design, innovation, themes, and storytelling. With the increasing popularity of indie games and a growing community of players, more game developers are inclined to explore this genre despite the potential costs involved. It is a venture that may be expensive, but many find it worthwhile to undertake.


In conclusion, the indie game development scene is on an extraordinary trajectory, with the global market expected to hit $305 billion by 2025. This creative space invites designers and developers, including those from a Mobile Game Development Company, to unleash their ideas, offering unparalleled freedom and room for innovation. Aspiring creators, don’t shy away from turning your imaginative thoughts into groundbreaking indie game mobile applications. Despite potential challenges, your dedication is key. Join the vibrant indie gaming community, where diverse ideas thrive, and contribute to the evolution of this dynamic landscape. Your commitment will undoubtedly shape the future of indie gaming.

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